Why They Work

Our seed products are simple, effective and offer a variety of innovative solutions to businesses, brands and gardeners. Scroll down to find out more!

Simple Growing

There is no need to worry about even spacing, handling, planting depth or thinning – our easy to use seed products are the ultimate work saver for all gardeners.

Save Time

No need to handle fiddly, tiny seeds. Save time on planting and mixing seeds with ready-made mixes and collections of vegetables or flowers.

No Waste

No thinning means no seed wasted. Our no mess high quality seed products mean the rain won’t wash the
seeds away.

Great For Kids

Children learn first-hand how easy, fun and satisfying it is to grow vegetables and flowers from seed. As we all know, children that grow veg are also more likely to eat veg.

Green Credentials

Our biodegradable products encourage wildlife (particularly butterflies & bees) and have no damaging impact on garden ecosystems. We are Soil Association approved for Organic seeds.

Custom Fit

Gardeners can easily adjust the length of our products to fit any area in their garden landscape, such as seed carpets custom fit for allotments, large borders or other natural garden areas.

Inspiring Gardening

Plant ready-made mixed seed flowerbeds, wild gardens or mini allotments. Our products are particularly suited to precise garden design layouts for both flower and vegetable areas.