Who We Supply

Packet Seed Companies

As the World’s largest manufacturer of pre-sown seed products, with a global distribution network, we have the capacity and capability to fulfil large volume orders at highly competitive prices as well as delivering bespoke products in smaller quantities.

We pride ourselves on our excellent track record of producing quality seed products for leading packet seed brands around the world, many of whom we have been trading with over several decades.

New product development, which is driven by consumer trends and demands, is a cornerstone of what we do here at Seed Developments. Examples of some of our recent innovations are our “Slug Control” and “Weed Buster®” products that offer a unique, chemical-free, 100% biodegradable way for consumers to control pests and weeds in their gardens. We also work closely with our customers on their own new product developments that meet the needs of their own market.

In addition to producing high quality seed tapes, mats and discs, we offer our packet seed customers a full range of packing options. These include auto or hand packing into customers own consumer packets or cartons, banding and packing into warehouse cartons. This means that our customers can receive their products from us ‘warehouse shelf-ready’, saving time, handling and cost.

Using our extensive network of reliable seed suppliers and packaging printers, we can offer our customers a full sourcing service, making Seed Developments the ultimate, ‘one stop’ solution for your pre-sown seed products.

We have specific expertise in producing mixed seed products such as mixed 
salad, vegetable or flower collections – allowing great opportunities for our clients’ 
product innovations.

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Simple Sowing

Promotional Seed Products

Seed Developments is the leading company in the world producing promotional seed products, in a wide range of sizes and shapes, as bespoke marketing tools for clients. We have created the Simple Sowing brand as a complete solution for all branding and promotional needs.