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& The Future Of Organic Growing

We’d like to share a little insight into how our products are used by our customers, to grow fantastic produce and promote a sustainable ecosystem.

​Riverford Organic Farmers are known and loved across the UK for providing 100% organic and delicious food, in their fantastic delivery boxes. The Riverford Box Scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon and has now grown to deliver around 47,000 boxes a week to homes across the UK from their regional farms.

​Riverford’s belief in good food, good farming, good business and commitment to only grow 100% organic produce is why we’ve formed a natural and flourishing partnership over recent years.  

It’s the same commitment to producing 100% organic products which has led us to this current project together, using our unique Weed Buster® technology to grow a delicious, pre-sown mixed lettuce crop for Riverford’s delicious Veg Boxes.

​An original Seed Developments innovation, our Weed Buster® products feature thicker layers of 100% biodegradable tissue between the pre-sown seed channels, which protect the young seedlings from weeds by suppressing weed growth and giving them more space to develop in their early life. As with all our products, they are 100% biodegradable and feature Certified Organic Seed, to provide a truly eco-friendly growing solution for Riverford Organic Farmers. 

The seed carpets you can see in the pictures were manufactured to Riverford’s exacting specifications to fit their growing areas and allow for maximum yield with minimum effort. As with all our products, whether it’s a seed disc, seed tape or any pre-sown seed product, planting is as simple as placing them in the desired area, covering with 1-2cm of soil and keeping them sufficiently wet until the seedlings start to appear. It’s this labour-saving and cost-effective technique which has made us the go-to manufacturer for leading brand indoor commercial vegetable growers around the world. 

​To quote Riverford’s mission statement: “Choose Family Farmers. Choose Bees and Butterflies. Choose Organic. Choose Riverford.” We would also add “Choose Seed Developments” for all your simple sowing vegetable growing solutions! 

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