Pre-Sown Products

Seed Products

At Seed Developments, we are proud to supply most major packet seed companies around the world. We have become the go-to manufacturer for high quality seed tapes, discs, mats and carpets, which offer the end consumer an easy, efficient way to grow vegetables and flowers in their gardens and beyond.

Our bespoke production technology allows us to manufacture products to fit all packet sizes, with the choice of single flower and vegetable varieties, custom mixtures and multiple variety pre-sown options. 

You can find our pre-sown seed products in most good garden retail outlets, DIY stores and grocery stores, marketed alongside our customer’s standard seed packet products. 

Seed Tapes

Our pre-sown tapes are perfectly suited for growing most varieties of vegetable seed and they are also an ideal way of sowing flower seeds in both the house and garden. Our tapes can be supplied as a single track of pre-spaced seeds with a single variety, or with multiple tracks of different seed varieties in each. These are great for most seed collections including salads, mixed vegetables, flowers and ‘allotment’ packs. Typically, the tapes are produced in one to six metre lengths, but we can produce a specific length to suit your individual needs.

Seed Discs

Our seed discs are available in a variety of sizes to suit individual environments. Smaller discs, from 8cm to 12cm, are perfect for sowing herbs and tomatoes on windowsills and in kitchens or greenhouses. They are usually sold in sets of three to five discs to a packet and are made to fit most standard flowerpots. Larger discs, from 14cm to 46cm diameter, are better-suited for sowing patio plants in outdoor pots or hanging baskets. We also use our seed discs for our bespoke range of promotional products.

Seed Mats

The seed mats we produce are perfect for sowing in window boxes, garden borders and other garden planters. They’re an easy and effective way to produce a wonderful display of colour with beautiful bedding plants, such as pansies and marigolds.

Our technology allows us to produce mats up to 46cm wide or as small as a business card. A hugely popular and eco-friendly choice for promotional items, we die-cut the seed mats to a shape of your choice – click here to find out more.

Seed Carpets

We created our seed carpets in direct response to the increasing demand for ready-made ‘mini gardens’ or ‘allotments’. We product the seed carpets with a variety of vegetables, salads or flowers pre-sown, as well as wild garden mixed-seed carpets. Our seed carpets are traditionally one metre or larger and are ideal for gardeners to accurately and efficiently plant vegetable gardens, allotments, large borders or any other natural garden areas with minimal easy and maximum yield!

Weed Busters

A Seed Developments original innovation. A 100% biodegradable, chemical-free, effective method of controlling weeds during the early stages of vegetable crop establishment.

Perfect for those consumers who prefer to avoid using chemical controls in their gardens and when combined with Organic seed, this is the ultimate Eco-friendly vegetable growing solution.

Tapes with Added Fertiliser

Another Seed Developments innovation! Our pre-sown products with added fertiliser are available across the range. The seed tapes release fertiliser in the correct dosage, over a controlled period of time, to ensure consistent, abundant crops.

New Microgreens Growing Kit – Year-Round Sales and Repeat Sales Opportunities

Meeting the rapidly increasing demand for Microgreens, Seed Developments have introduced an attractive, re-usable growing kit incorporation a growing tray, grid, clear propagating dome and of course, 100% bio-degradable, pre-sown seed mats.

We can offer Organic or Conventional seed options and our new mats include a water retaining layer to provide the best growing environment

Our kits can be supplied in our customers’ own consumer packaging and we can supply seed mats without the kits if required.