Our Mission

Seed Developments’ mission is to meet the growing worldwide demand for simple, efficient and inspiring ways of growing seeds and to continue to be the market leader offering biodegradable, pre-sown seed product solutions.

As a business we are committed to: 

Product development: we are always looking at innovative ways of helping gardeners, beginner and professional alike to plant and grow seeds more simply and efficiently with guaranteed success.

Spreading the word: increasing public and industry awareness to the unique benefits of pre-sown products and their many applications.

Extending our geographical reach: we supply seed companies across the globe and are constantly extending our reach, supplying new seed companies in more countries.

Offering promotional seed products: our biodegradable pre-sown products make great added-value promotional products or gifts.

Our Experienced Customer Support Team - Always Ready to Help
Our Experienced Customer Support Team – Always Ready to Help

Our recent £300k+ investment in our new bonding machine provides us with:

  • High-speed cutting technology
  • Ability to apply a natural, non-chemical bond to tissue
  • Precision roller drum seed placement
  • Variable diameter disc cutting/seeding
  • Flexible disc / tape/ mat production capability
  • Computer operating control system
  • Significant increase in production capacity to meet demand