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Seed products

We supply seed tapes, discs, mats and carpets to most household name seed companies across the globe.

The pre-sown tapes and associated products are marketed alongside the major seed companies’ standard seed packets and may be found in most good garden retail outlets.

We are able to manufacture single or multiple seed products to fit all packet sizes.
Our most popular products are:

Seed tapes

Seed tapeMost varieties of vegetable seed are suited to pre-sown tapes; they are also an ideal way of sowing flower seeds for both the garden and the household. Tapes may be supplied as a single track of pre-spaced seeds with a single variety, or with a multiple of tracks with different seed varieties in each – which are suitable for most seed collections including salads, mixed vegetables, flowers or ‘allotment’ packs. Seed companies sell different lengths of seed tape: typically they are produced in one to six metre lengths according to preference.

Seed discs

Seed discSeed discs are available in a wide variety of sizes. Smaller discs, from 8cm to 12cm diameter, are typically used for sowing herbs and tomatoes on windowsills or in kitchens or greenhouses. They are usually sold in sets of three to five discs to a packet and are made to fit most standard flowerpots. Larger discs, from 14cm to 30cm diameter, are usually used for sowing patio plants in outdoor pots or hanging baskets. Seed discs are also popular for promotional products.

Seed mats

Seed matSeed mats are perfect for sowing seeds in window boxes, garden borders and other
garden planters. They are an easy and effective way to produce a wonderful display
of a wide range of colourful bedding plants, such as pansies and busy lizzies. Seed mats
can be produced up to one metre in length or as small as a business card. They are popular
as eco-friendly promotional items as they may be die-cut to a shape of your choice – ideal
for brand reinforcement.

Seed carpets

Seed carpetWe are seeing an increasing demand for ready-made ‘mini gardens’ or ‘allotments’ that are seed carpets with a variety of vegetables, salads or flowers pre-sown; as well as wild garden mixed seed carpets. Our seed carpets are traditionally one metre or bigger and are ideal for gardeners to custom fit usually in vegetable gardens, allotments, large borders or other natural garden areas.